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How to Exercise Without Endangering Your Health?

How to Exercise Without Endangering Your Health

Many people considerate exercise to be a healthy activity.

But, if you have a heart disease, for example, it can be harmful.

I always encourage my clients to exercise regularly.

But I also remind them that people with sedentary jobs and an inactive lifestyle should not start doing strenuous workouts or sports that test body’s endurance right away at the start. (1)

Exercise is like a medicine in many ways.

It’s followed by indications and contraindications.

You can have a small dose or you can overdose.

Many Americans exercise too little, but many of them exaggerate.

How to Exercise Without Endangering Your Health?

For example, a workout until exhaustion can badly affect your heart, it can cause arrhythmia and it can lead to calcium build-up in arteries which can cause atherosclerosis.

The number of people doing extreme sports is increasing because people think that the more you exercise the better.

But that isn’t always the case.

Heart damage can happen not only to people who work out until exhaustion.

People who have been inactive for years, like those who ran 40 years ago around the block and they want to do it again, are at most risk.

The most important advice to middle-aged or elderly people is to start walking before you start running.

How to Start with Physical Activities?

Start with a stroll, walk 3 miles in an hour.

After that you can walk 5 miles per hour or if you use a treadmill you can increase the speed, of course only if you don’t have health issues.

If you feel pain or discomfort anywhere above the waist it could be angina which is related to a blockage in one or more blood vessels.

People who start exercising should consult their doctor if they feel pain in the left arm, neck, or jaw, or if they feel shortness of breath, weakness, or heart pounding.

Those are signs that something is wrong and folks who had a heart attack usually had some symptoms weeks before that, but they probably ignored them.

If you are physically active, if you walk regularly, for example, you have a 50% lower risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Exercising regularly half an hour a day 5 days a week is very useful.

You can choose cycling, walking on a treadmill or hiking.

Make sure you enjoy the activity.

Also, the older you are the more effort you’ll need to exercise with weights.

After 40 we start losing muscle mass. (2)

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