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Clean 9 Detox Review: Is This the Best Weight Loss Program?

Clean 9 weight loss

The 2 most important things when it comes to weight loss are a healthy diet and exercise.

But, some dietary supplements can help you lose weight faster.

How to choose weight loss supplements?

There are many different diet supplements and some of them can be dangerous for your health.

So, today I am gonna talk about the best weight loss supplement that will help you start losing weight in just 9 days.

It is called  Clean 9 Detox or C9 and it is the healthiest thing you can try for weight loss.

I am using this program regularly (every 3 months) and my clients too.

So, let’s start with the review.


Clean 9 detox review

What is Clean 9?

C9 or CLEAN 9 DETOX contains some quality products that act in symbiosis so that every product helps you lose weight more effectively.

The main supplement is aloe vera juice, one of the healthiest natural remedies you can use for weight loss.

You can read more about aloe vera for weight loss here.

Why is aloe vera juice good for weight loss?

Aloe vera speeds up your metabolism, detoxes your body and suppresses your appetite without any side effects.

And you can read a detailed aloe vera health benefits article here.

Why is this program better than other weight loss programs?

C9 is unique because it’s made of natural, healthful ingredients.

During the program, your body gets all the necessary nutrients and you don’t need to worry about a lack of vitamins.

Your body will start a completely healthy weight loss journey.

What are the benefits of CLEAN 9?

  • You will have a healthy gut and you will improve your overall health
  • You will detox your body healthily
  • Your skin will look better
  • You will lose 5-15 pounds in 9 days
  • You will reduce your waist size for 1-3 inches in 9 days
  • And you will speed up your metabolism

Who’s the manufacturer of the CLEAN 9 program?

It is made by the Forever Living Company.

FLP has a natural pasteurization patent which keeps 99% of the healing properties of aloe.

These products keep all the nutrients.

Forever living products company has 40 years of experience in making products with aloe vera.

My family, including my 6-year-old son, are using these products regularly (especially the juices). (1)

This is the only company that will give you pure aloe vera, without conservatives and additives.

Trust me, I tried many before I found FLP.

You can visit the official FLP website if you click here.

How does Clean 9 work?

The weight loss process with CLEAN 9 lasts 9 days and you clean and detox your body, enabling good digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients.

The cleansing takes place during the first 2 days, and from day 3 the detox process starts.

In 9 days you will feel and look much better.

You can get rid of toxins and start natural processes in your body that maintain balance in the work of the colon and metabolism by using this program for only 9 days. (2)

That will make your body burn extra fat naturally.

What will you get in the Clean 9 Detox program?

C9 reviewIn this program you will get 7 different things:

  1. Forever Aloe Vera Gel ( 2 liters) – improves your digestion, immunity, and energy
  2. Forever Garcinia Plus ( 54 softgels) – a plant extract that helps your body burn fat faster
  3. Forever Lite Ultra Shake Mix ( 1 pouch-15 portions ) – high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins
  4. Forever Therm (18 tablets ) – plant extracts that will boost your metabolism
  5. Forever Fiber ( 9 sticks ) – suppresses your appetite in a healthy way
  6. Tailor’s meter-to track progress
  7. Brochure– a complete nutrition guide made by nutritionists

Later you will read about a more detailed review of each supplement.

CLEAN 9 Dosage rules

Here you can see how I am using this weight loss program.


Considering the low-calorie diet during the first 2 days, you will feel a lack of energy.

But, don’t worry.

That’s normal since the intake of calories is smaller than usual.

I recommend walking for 30 minutes, stretching or doing yoga for beginners during that time.

These exercises will boost your metabolism and help you stay focused on your transformation.

BREAKFAST 1st and 2nd day:

2 Forever Garcinia Plus softgels (take 20 mins before Aloe Vera Gel)

1/2 cup Aloe Vera Gel (with a cup of water)

1 Forever Therm tablets

Doing low-intensity exercises for at least 30 minutes (walking, cycling, jogging)

Snacks 1st and 2nd day

1 stick Forever Fiber (mix it with 3 cups of water)

Fiber naturally binds with certain nutrients and affects their absorption.

LUNCH 1st and 2nd day

2 softgels Forever Garcinia Plus (take 20 minutes before Aloe Vera Gel)

1,2 deciliter Aloe Vera Gel (with at least 2,5 dl of water)

1 Forever Therm tablet

1 portion of Forever Lite Ultra Shake (mixed with 3 dl water or low-fat almond, rice, or soy milk)

Dinner 1st and 2nd day

2 softgels Forever Garcinia Plus (take 20 mins before Aloe Vera Gel)

1/2 cup Aloe Vera Gel (with a cup of water)

You can see the list of ingredients you can eat in the brochure that comes with the Clean 9 program


1/2 cup Aloe Vera Gel (with a cup of water)


During the first 2 days, your body starts getting rid of toxins.

It’s vital to follow the program, although it may seem very hard.

You have a goal and remember, if you have hardships they are temporary, your body is trying to get rid of bad habits.

Breakfast 3rd-9th day

2 softgels Forever Garcinia Plus (take 20 minutes before Aloe Vera Gel)

1,2 dl Aloe Vera Gel (with at least 2,5 dl of water)

1 Forever Therm tablet

1 portion of Forever Lite Ultra Shake (mixed with 3 dl water or low-fat almond, rice, or soy milk)

Doing low-intensity exercises for at least 30 minutes

At this point, you will intake more calories and feel energized so you can do more physical activities.

So, when you get there, you should concentrate on aerobic exercises that are really good for burning calories.

SNACKS 3rd-9th day

1 stick Forever Fiber (mix it with 2-3 dl of water or other beverage)

LUNCH 3rd-9th day

2 softgels Forever Garcinia Plus

1 Forever Therm tablet

1 portion Forever Lite Ultra (mixed with 3 dl water or low-fat almond, rice, or soy milk)

DINNER 3rd-9th day

2 softgels Forever Garcinia Plus

A 600 calorie meal (men can intake 800 calories-drink an extra shake or add 200 calories to the meal).

A tasty dinner (you can find recipes in the brochure that comes along the Clean 9 program)

BEFORE SLEEP 3rd-9th day

At least 2 cups of water

This is the end of the Clean 9 program!

It’s time to weigh yourself and compare the before and after results.


There is a list of ingredients and recipes for meals during the detox in the brochure found in the Clean 9 program.

Safety of CLEAN 9

Clean 9 detox program


There are no side effects.

This is the safest supplement program you can use for weight loss.

Nevertheless, due to low-calorie intake, you may feel headache or tiredness.

But this program will help you lose weight, but it will also improve your overall health.

The Clean 9 program lasts only 9 days and it’s safe for most people.

If you have some disease consult your doctor before starting the Clean 9 or any other weight loss program.

Side effects

You may feel hungry, especially during the first 2 days, which is quite normal.

As days go by, that feeling will disappear.

Forever Fiber and Forever Lite Ultra are made to make you feel full and suppress your appetite.

Also, in rare cases, some people can feel a headache or tiredness (due to restricted calorie intake and detoxication)

CLEAN 9 detox Review: Testimonials, results and before and after

First, you can see me posing with the aloe vera gel.

I am using this juice and I am satisfied with my weight and figure.

Aloe vera gel

Also, you can see some before and after pictures and comments:

clean 9 before and after

Clean 9 testimonials

Clean 9 comment

Of course, not everyone is satisfied.

Some people don’t follow the rules and that’s why they don’t get the expected results.

If you want to stay fit you need to eat healthily after you finish the Clean 9 program.

Where to buy CLEAN 9 and price?

You can buy it on the official website.

You can save some money if you buy the whole program.

Of course, you can buy each supplement from the program separately, but it will cost more.

The price for the CLEAN 9 program is 103.45$.

I think it is a reasonable price for all the benefits you get.

You will get a money-back guarantee, too.

Also, you can get a 15% discount if you become a member.

You can see how to become a member here.


Here you can read more about each product from CLEAN 9:

1. Aloe Vera GeL

Aloe gel dosage rules

One of the best aloe vera juices.

This is 99,7 % pure aloe vera.

Other ingredients are vitamin C that boosts your immune system and Lemon acid that regulates acidity.

This is the healthiest aloe vera juice.

The best juice you can use to clean your body and boost your immune system.


The price is 19 USD per bottle (it’s enough for 10 days).

That means you can improve your overall health for only 1.9 $ per day.

Now calculate how much you spend on unhealthy things every day.

You can read my detailed review of the best aloe vera juices here.


2. Forever Garcinia Plus


This is a great supplement, especially during weight loss since the main ingredient of this product is the natural substance from the Southeast Asian fruit- Garcinia Cambogia.

The healing substance that this fruit contains is called HCA( Hydroxytonic acid), it is very similar to lemon acid and it’s found in citrus fruit.

It stops the effect of the enzyme that turns carbs that we don’t burn into fat, and in the meantime, it burns fat tissue.

Also, it helps you eat less and that is the goal when you want to lose weight.


If you want to buy only Garcinia Cambogia the price is 27.67 $ for one bottle.


3. Forever Lite Ultra Shake

Forever lite ultra shake mix

This is a high-protein mix with Aminotein that enhances the bioavailability of proteins and its task is to provide you with nutritious proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

And it has only 216 calories.

This nutritious mix can replace one meal and make you feel full for up to 7 hours.

The protein shake contains 18 important amino acids, including all 8 essential and non-essential, as well as BCAA’s.

There are 2 flavors: chocolate and vanilla.


If you want to buy only this product the price is 26.16$ for 13.2 oz.


4. Forever Therm

Forever therm


These are fat burning tablets that burn fat layers in your body.

They fiercely attack piled up fat, burn calories, and suppress your appetite.

Also, they boost your energy.

Forever Therm tablets contain a combination of ketone, raspberries, green tea and green coffee, vitamins B and C.

With this combo of nutrients, you will be focused and energetic and that will help you lose extra weight efficiently.


If you want to buy only this product the price is 23.59 $ for a bottle.


5. Forever fiber

Forever fiber

A great product that binds water and takes place in the stomach giving a feeling that you are full.

It helps with constipation and allows you to get rid of toxins naturally.

Forever fiber improves digestion, too.

You need to take 1 stick per day between meals to feel full and control your appetite and the intake of calories.

It also maintains normal blood sugar levels and it helps slow down the absorption of macronutrients.


The price is 24.67$ for 30 sticks.

As I said you will get a complete nutrition guide and tailor’s meter if you buy the CLEAN 9 FOREVER program for weight loss.


So, what’s the bottom line?

C9 is not just a diet program.

It’s a way of adopting healthy habits that along with health supplements help you to lose weight and stay healthy more easily.

You will see the difference in weight and looks in just 9 days.

The Clean 9 program helps you look and feel better.

Also, you will get rid of toxins that stop the optimal absorption of nutrients that you intake with food.

Clean 9 is the first step on the way to changing your dietary habits and your lifestyle because that’s necessary for long-term results without the yo-yo effect.


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